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iMessage Gains a Companion: iOS 18 Introduces RCS-Based Universal Messaging

In a surprising turn of events, Apple has announced that it will adopt the RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging standards. The feature will be launched with the iOS 18 update. The update will bring a wide variety of iMessage-style features, bridging the gap between Android and iOS users.

RCS brings iMessage-style features to cross-platform texts

RCS brings many iMessage-style features to cross-platform texts between iPhone and Android devices. This includes features like sending high-quality documents, videos, PDFs, images, and more.

Apple’s use of RCS will bring a positive change in the CPaaS ecosystem as companies can connect with their clients over RCS. It would also be more economical for the companies to interact with their target audience through engaging messages which will include high-quality documents, videos, PDFs, images, and more. Moreover, communication can be two-way through clickable buttons, which will give companies a better analytical outcome.

Numerous brands running RCS campaigns in Android-dominated areas like India, Brazil, and Mexico. The adoption of RCS by Apple will surely surge the number of RCS campaigns in Europe and America. This change will enhance communication between brands and their customers, providing marketers with a powerful tool to increase customer interaction and achieve better outcomes.

Apple’s introduction of RCS has many other benefits for all the parties involved as it is more secure and cost-effective. It will also help companies with their brand awareness and get easily verified which in turn will increase the trust of customers over the brand. Unlike SMS RCS can reach a customer through mobile data and Wi-Fi as well.

Apple further stated that it is not opening up iMessage for other platforms. Instead, it is the adoption of RCS separately from iMessages.

Apple’s decision to adopt RCS follows years of pressure from its competitors namely Samsung and Google. Until today the company resisted the pressure and instead doubled down on iMessage, but finally, it adopted the change and is now all set to adopt RCS.

Finally, Apple says it will work with GSMA members on further ways to improve the encryption of RCS.

TrustSignal’s Take

We believe this change is better for the CPaaS ecosystem as it will create seamless communication between brand and their customers. It will create the whole customer engagement process more seamless due to the various benefits of RCS.

It will further lead to the evolution of CPaaS ecosystem as the adoption of RCS by Apple will lead to further innovation in the space which will be fruitful for all the stakeholders.

It will lead to more efficiency as brands will have access to both the device users be it Android or iOS.

So what are you waiting for contact us for your RCS needs.

What do you think of this recent development in the CPaaS space let us know in the comments down below.


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