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Redefine rich-media mobile messaging with RCS

Use RCS Messaging To Transform A2P Communication

Rich Communication Services (RCS) brings a new level of interactivity to A2P messaging. Use it to create compelling, branded content that engages your audience and makes them an active participant in conversations.

Strengthen Corporate Branding With RCS Messaging
Consistency is critical when it comes to establishing a corporate identity with your customers. RCS allows you to retain your corporate branding and identity when communicating with your customers.
Keep Customers Engaged With Rich Media Messages
Rich media to attract attention and encourage interaction. For example, banner ads with rich media have been proven to have a higher click-through rate than their static counterparts. RCS messaging allows you to take advantage of dynamic media in ways that go beyond what was previously possible.

How Can Businesses Use RCS Messaging ?

With the ability to use custom colors, logos and your brand name as the sender ID, you can send messages that maintain the look and feel of your apps, websites and other digital offerings. In addition, customers know they can trust your messages with a branded and verified sender name.

Create messages with content that your customers will be excited to open and want to share. RCS messages can include rich multimedia components without the size restrictions of MMS messaging. Files supported include high resolution images, animated GIFs, and audio and video clips.

Why Trustsignal For RCS Communication?

Easy Transactions and Real-time Interactions

Make your transactions fast and seamless across various industries. Facilitate onsite conversion. Show order status

Boost Customer Experience With Dynamic Ticketing

Printed tickets are becoming a thing of the past. Consumers expect ticketing through their mobile device through apps.

Smooth Customer Services

Help customers instantly provide customer concierge services like billing. Offer recharge assistance for phones, plans, and offers. Become a troubleshooting advisor by providing customer support.


Market your brand seamlessly. Increase engagement enhance brand love. Provide new ways for users to interact with your brands