WhatsApp for Business APIs and communication

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Programmable 2-way conversations with unmatchable scale and speed

Rich Media Communication

Enrich your customer interactions by sharing images, electronic tickets, video tutorials, audio files, QR codes, the position of the closest store, and any sort of documents.

Interactive Buttons

Create call-to-actions and quick reply buttons within WhatsApp to get immediate responses from your audience.

Notifications And Customer Care Messages

Enable customers to initiate a conversation with you anytime, anywhere. Set template messages for you to notify your customers with important updates.

WhatsApp Chatbots

Automate conversations with your customers to progress them in the sales funnel, increase online bookings, manage their transactions, and provide timely responses to their queries.


How Can Businesses Use Whatsapp?

Businesses can leverage WhatsApp’s extensive features and wide user base to enhance customer support, conduct marketing campaigns, streamline internal communication, gather insights, and ensure secure interactions. Incorporating WhatsApp into their business strategies can lead to increased efficiency, stronger customer relationships, and overall business growth.

Why Trustsignal For Whatsapp Communications?

5 Easy Steps To Instant User Communication

Reduce operational costs

Do more with less. With WhatsApp for business, you can reduce the number of agents required to run your call centre.

Accelerate customer service

Speed up your response & resolution times via auto-suggestions. Reduce context-switching via our omnichannel platform and resolve queries faster.

Deliver personalized alerts

Send personalised notifications, updates and reminders to your customers on autopilot with WhatsApp Business APIs.

Be available at all times

Set up WhatsApp Bots and be available at all times without having to have too many agents work round the clock.

Offer contextual CX beyond WhatsApp

Extend your conversations by integrating WhatsApp with other channels for connected and contextual customer experiences.