SMS Messages

TrustSignal: trusted by Fortune500 companies, top OTT, and 30+ primary banks globally for their text notifications, alerts and promotional SMS messages.

Harness the power of SMS communications

Robust SMS APIs
99.99% availability, and super-fast response rate
of 5ms or less.
Our technology allows growing any communication channel,
without limits.
Enhanced Analytics
For clear, transparent, precise and
actionable insights.

Advanced features for scalable SMS messaging

Intelligent SMS Routing

For faster, secure delivery at better prices.

2-Way Messaging

Let customers answer to your SMS messages.

Data Integrations

Integrates with Oracle, Salesforce and others.

Pay-as-you-go Billing

Because, who doesn’t love flexibility?

Campaign Scheduler

Let us trigger the messages at your convenience.

Multi-lingual support

Send messages in
any language.

Personalized SMS

Customize messages for large lists of users with your data.

Link shortener

Shorten your links, send attachments with SMS, and track your campaigns.



Send and validate OTPs

Trustsignal Verify allows to generate, send and validate OTPs at scale, to confirm users’ logins and transactions. The system allows using multiple channels, including SMS, e-mail, and voice.

Receive a personalized quote based on your volumes