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Unlock Email's Power

Obtain the best possible inbox placement for your emails.

Using our Email API, in-house mail transfer agent, and scalable delivery infrastructure, send transactional and marketing emails via the Trustsignal platform. No

Email API Service

Trusted by over 1000+D2C brands and 500+ global enterprises

Features that enable you to produce outstanding outcomes!

Avoid spam

Avoid spam

Make sure your emails are clear of spam and optimize exposure.

Simple Integration

Simple Integration
Our solution may be seamlessly and effectively integrated into your email system.

Domain Management and IP Routing

Domain Management and IP Routing

With our skilled Domain Management and IP Routing services, you can maximize your online visibility and guarantee uninterrupted access.

Get the best Email deliverability service at a more affordable price

Our VOICE service makes business-customer communication easier.

From login codes to important notifications, we help businesses streamline their interactions.

emails that were not delivered

Missed opportunities arise from emails that were not delivered!

Maximize your email's impact on recipients' inboxes

Our hybrid, fully redundant MTA offers automated queue handling and throttle risk detection for powerful performance.

Safeguard your sender's credibility

Improve email deliverability with Deliverability Insights, sender authentication, SPF and DKIM, reverse DNS, and dedicated IP addresses.

Outshine competitors in the email arena

Consult with email experts serving on industry-leading groups MS11WG, ESPC, DMA, and EEC to benefit from peering and directly deliver email to Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Apple.

Use Case

To handle requests for password resets

Brands can automatically respond to requests for password resets thanks to transactional email systems. Customers anticipate seeing a response in their mailbox right away when they request a new password or reset an existing one. Even in cases when a brand receives a high amount of requests of this nature, it may nevertheless promptly address them by utilizing transactional email solutions.

These emails often provide all the information a customer needs to properly change their password and continue shopping. Communications with password reset links are the 

ideal use for transactional communications.

The system sends an email to the customer’s inbox right away when they click on a link on a brand’s website (learn more about triggered emails in our dedicated blog post). The customer can regain access to their account using this approach without the website owner having to physically intervene.

Why Use TrustSignal for Email Interactions?

Intelligent SMS Routing

Quick delivery—right to your mailbox

We'll help you stay out of spam folders, get you into inboxes fast, and offer you the freedom to establish your guidelines with custom settings.

Using your dependable email provider

Experience instantaneous delivery around the clock with no waiting time. You may monitor link clicks, opens, and other actions.

Link shortener

Forward Multimedia Files

Send HTML, Images, and Videos. Describe the content you want your audience to see.

Multi-lingual support

Create logical communication channels

With our drag-and-drop interface, create pleasing communication flows to retain your consumers.

Global Impact, Seamless Delivery

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Millions Voice pulses annually

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Kshitij Ranjan
Kshitij Ranjan
Amazing services! Best B2B SMS providers out there :)
gargi raina
gargi raina
Fair and quick SMS service.
Santosh Gangatiware
Santosh Gangatiware
TrustSignal is top-notch! Their customer service team is exceptional, always ready to assist with any business queries. Highly recommended for their reliability and support.
Simran Mishra
Simran Mishra
TrustSignal is a great platform for a business's SMS communications. Its been more than a year that we are integrated with TrustSignal and their service is amazing. Integration was smooth, our day to day templates are approved on time even with a short notice. The support team is excellent, they respond immediately and solve the problem at hand real quick. Extremely happy with their service!
santhosh.p santhu
santhosh.p santhu
Good service by trustsignal team.Always there to help to solve business problems.
Kirankumar BM
Kirankumar BM
Good experience in working with Trust signal for handling the sms. Trusted partner to handle any kind of campaigns. Supportive team and can get assistance at any given point of time. Highly recommended for any kind of communication activities since the delivery rate is considerably good.
Bhavik Naik
Bhavik Naik
One of the best in Business. Always there to help in any situations.
Nishanth Kanna
Nishanth Kanna
Good team who're always prompt and crisp to provide solutions to any operational blocker over their seemless product as well

Frequently Asked Questions

RCS (Rich Communication Services) and SMS (Short Message Service) serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics. Whether RCS is “better” than SMS depends on the specific requirements and goals of the communication.

RCS is a protocol that upgrades SMS capabilities, while WhatsApp is a messaging application that supports various multimedia formats and is owned by Facebook.

Initially, RCS was primarily associated with Android phones, but it is now progressively extending its availability to other platforms.
Enabling RCS depends on your device and carrier. In many cases, RCS comes enabled on Android devices, however, if it is not active, you can activate RCS in the messaging settings of your device or through a carrier-specific messaging app.
Businesses benefit from RCS by delivering branded messages, interactive content, and enhanced customer experiences. It supports features like verified sender identity and read receipts, building trust with customers.
Yes, RCS can be used for international messaging, but its availability and features may vary by region and carrier.